Difficult Clients…what do you do when that dream client turns out to be a nightmare? Margi Kyle, The Designing Doctor, knows how to avoid such problems before they start and how to handle the problems if they start. Learn how to run your business, create a brand for your business, and deal with the many personalities of your clients. Figure out which clients will make you money, and which clients will take your money.

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
March 09, 2011
Seminar Objectives
  • Understand why clients become difficult. Learn how to deal with difficult clients and situations. Learn ways to resolve the problems or issues and work with their personality.
  • Understanding today’s clients.
  • Learn which clients’ will be a potential problem and which ones will build your business.
  • Learn new ways to “Wow” your clients by using new tricks that will solidify how you run your business, company policies and all the forms they will need to stop problems before they start.
  • Learning who you are through the Dewey Color Personality Free Color Test. What kind of client would they make? Who are they attracting?
  • An in-depth look at new ways to brand your business. When was the last time their portfolio and image was up-dated?
  • Would they hire themselves? WHY NOT!
Dealing with Difficult Clients
Speaker Information
Margi Kyle   [ view bio ]
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