In these tough economic times, many designers are wondering how they can serve their clients, stay competitive in pricing, AND still make a profit! In an effort to „get more work‟ the first tactic is often to lower prices. If enough volume doesn‟t follow, then this strategy will leave you broke! If you knew the key to being more competitive in pricing, were able to provide a quality „solution to your customers AND still make a profit – would you want to learn more? If yes, then you will want to attend this session.
For more than two decades, Management Consultant and Business Coach Vicki Suiter has helped hundreds of designers implement strategies and practices that result in stronger profits and cash flows and have allowed them to weather downturns in the economy without losing stride.
Vicki will show you her proven methods you can employ right now to positively affect your ability to be more competitive, control costs, and still deliver a quality product to your customer! You will discover how to stack the odds in your favor and not only survive but also thrive, no matter what the economy is doing!

After attending How to Be Profitable in Any Economy, attendees will leave with clear tools and strategies they can use right away to positively affect their bottom lines. They will gain clarity and confidence on where to focus in order to create productive changes, will have a greater understanding of what drives profits and cash flows, and will know how to take better control of both. Vicki doesn't just give participants tips and techniques, she provides the thinking and practices that make the difference between a mediocre designer and a great one!

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
May 24, 2012
Seminar Objectives
  • Find out what REALLY drives profits and learn how to take control of it.
  • Identify the critical areas in your business you need to focus on in order to create the biggest positive impact on profits.
  • Discover how to boost sales to meet revenue targets.
  • Learn the essential planning steps for making a consistent profit.
  • Get clear on what actions to take to create a bottom line that meets your goals.
How to Be Profitable in Any Economy
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Vicki Suiter   [ view bio ]
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